The Vineyards

Four vineyards situated in central Victoria have provided fruit for the early vintages of trust. Each vineyard was selected for its potential to add interest, complexity and individuality to the final blend.

We have had the benefit of handling this fruit for many years and therefore recognised the attributes of each site. Each vineyard is fully mature and has a balance of fruit to canopy, allowing for true expression of its unique situation.

The most recent vintages have also benefited from fruit sourced from the Heathcote region. Heathcote is a premium shiraz growing region to the west of Nagambie Lakes.

About the Regions:

The area around Tahbilk and Mitchelton in central Victoria’s Goulburn Valley region is known as Nagambie Lakes. The region is distinctly warm with a typical inland valley floor climate and substantial night and day temperature variations’. The heat is mitigated by the abundance of lakes, billabongs and creeks associated with the meandering Goulburn River as well as occasional river breezes. Irrigation water and loose textured sandy, gravelly soils typically produce generous yields without compromising colour or flavour. Shiraz has been the principal grape grown in the Goulburn Valley for over a century.

Elevation: 130 Meters

Annual Rainfall: 600 mm
Mean January Temp: 21c
Vine Coverage: 1.8 Meters x 2.8 Meters
Oldest Vines: Central Victoria has some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world, planted in 1860

Heathcote on the other hand is situated to the west of  Nagambie Lakes. The climate and soils are strongly influenced by the Mt Camel Range, which runs from Corop in the north to Tooborac in the south, providing natural tunneling for the prevailing cool, south to south-east winds that blow throughout the growing period from October to March. The result is summer temperatures two to three degrees lower than the peaks for nearby Bendigo, and a cooler mean January temperature.

While there is significant soil variation in the region, the slopes of the Mt Camel Range comprise a superb red soil with fine structure overlying uniformly textured red calcareous sodic clay soils. These soils are known as Cambrian Greenstones or the Heathcote Greenstone Belt. Historically the grapes we have sourced have come from the more gravelly tougher soils off the Mt Camel range which tend to produce wines with higher floral notes and good acid.

Elevation: 160-320 Meters
Annual Rainfall: 580 mm
Mean January Temp: 21c

Geographical description: Central Victoria is found in southern Australia in the State of Victoria. This farming area is on the northern side of the Great Dividing Mountain range, about 1.5 hours north of Melbourne.