Trust Crystal Hill 2016 – 6pk




Trust Crystal Hill 2016 – 6pks

For centuries Europeans have blended varieties to achieve a certain style. with this in mind we have blended Gwurtzraminer, for its musk sweetness, Savagnin, for its viscosity, Riesling, for its citrus notes and acidity as well as the deliciously textural Viognier.

Processed using a one hundred year old one tonne wooden basket press we do not separate free run juice from the pressings. The overall effect of this rustic hands on small batch wine making approach is a certain textural palate effect that complements the richness of the fruit.

Varietal(s): Gwertztraminer, Savagnin, Viognier & Riesling

Appellation: Goulburn Valley 100%

Vintage: An untimely late frost in October hit many grapegrowers hard. This was followed by two very hot spells early in the year making harvest timing more critical than ever. Different varieties responded differently to each event resulting in erratic ripening. In the end however reduced crop loads helped fruit concentration and in some cases increased quality.

Colour: Lemon gold.

Nose: Quince blossom, feijoa and flinty notes on the nose.

Palate: Displays sweet guava fruit, lingering and delicious.